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Chef Cemal: Mastering Turkish Cuisine, Business Success, and Culinary Education

Welcome to the portfolio of Chef Cemal, a culinary virtuoso with a remarkable journey in the world of Turkish cuisine. Born in Misor, Turkey in 1974, Chef Cemal's culinary adventure began at the young age of 6 when he started assisting his family at their renowned restaurant, Liman, also known as Kandak restaurant. This invaluable experience exposed him to the art of cooking, starting from humble tasks such as table cleaning and onion cutting, gradually leading him to become a successful chef and business owner.

Passionate about Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine, Chef Cemal's talent and dedication propelled him to become the head chef at Kandak Restaurant in 1997. His exceptional skills and leadership led him to become a 10% shareholder, managing a staff of 72-75 and overseeing two large kitchens. In 2001, Chef Cemal received a challenging opportunity to help launch a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant in the distant country of Singapore. Eager to expand his horizons and experience success beyond his family business and Turkey, he embraced the challenge.

With perseverance and hard work, Chef Cemal turned Sofya Restaurant at Show Tower into a resounding success. Recognizing his contributions, the founder offered him a 25% shareholding to continue driving the triumph of Sofya Restaurant. In 2019, faced with the decision to relocate due to the planned demolition of Show Tower, Chef Cemal chose to establish himself in Singapore, capitalizing on the valuable experience he gained and dealing with diverse variables.

In the same year, Chef Cemal founded Sultan Turkish Restaurant on Boussorah Street, along with Lepak @ Sultan and Ottman Turkish Delights. In June 2023, A1 Sultan Turkish Kebab proudly opened its doors on Orchard Road, just outside Lucky Plaza. Chef Cemal's expertise and dedication were recognized by the International Business Federation (IBF) in June 2023 when Sultan Turkish Restaurant received the prestigious award for the best Turkish cuisine. Additionally, Chef Cemal was honored as the best Turkish cuisine chef in Singapore and invited to become a panel judge for food tasting and rewarding Western, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine in Singapore.

Chef Cemal's pursuit of knowledge has been unwavering. While working at Leman Restaurant, he obtained a Diploma in Culinary from 1992 to 1996 in Misor. In 2013 to 2015, he pursued another Diploma in Business Management from HOLMESGLEN INSTITUTE in Singapore. Additionally, he has completed numerous courses and certifications ranging from hygiene to guest security.

Beyond his own accomplishments, Chef Cemal has dedicated himself to assisting Turkish businessmen in establishing Turkish and Mediterranean restaurants in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. He has also participated in joint ventures, cooking for large events in these countries. Chef Cemal believes in sharing his success by giving back to the community, regularly contributing to charities. Furthermore, he opens his restaurants as workshops, allowing Singaporean students to learn the basics of Turkish cuisine and business management.

Join Chef Cemal on a culinary journey filled with passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. Contact us to indulge in the flavors of Turkish cuisine, experience the finest culinary creations, or explore the opportunities for culinary education and collaboration.
30 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199448

Open daily 10:30am – 11:30pm

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